LauraWelcome to FatLossChronicles.org. I am Laura and I welcome you to my site. I’m a stay-at-home-mom of two.

In high school and even in college I was a cheerleader but after I had my kids and stayed at home I gained a lot of weight. On my worst day I had added 74 pounds on between my weight before I had children and after. I even avoided looking into a mirror as I just couldn’t stand myself.

I tried exercising more but it didn’t help. Fad diet after fad diet didn’t help me lose weight but actually I came out having gained pounds after a few months.

Eventually, I found a bunch of diets and guides that helped me lose nearly all of those dreaded 74 pounds. I can look at myself in a mirror again and people compliment me on being in good shape.

I decided to write a guide on how to lose weight for women and you can get it by opting into my email list. I will promote products that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

If I was able to lose weight, then you’ll be able to. It’s a journey and it won’t happen overnight but you will get there if you stick to a plan and if you believe in yourself!

Best Regards,