Have your Hormones Help You Stop Eating too Much

The Houston Chronicle had an interesting post on how you can help your hormones to help you from overeating. Below is a copy for your information. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think or what experience you have yourself!

Have your Hormones Help You Stop Eating too Much

If you have a hard time knowing when enough is enough - and always crave just one more bite - you know tapping down your hunger is no game. But there's good news. New research might help you stop overeating.

We've talked about how being obese interferes with the proper functioning of your appetite-regulating gastrointestinal hormones leptin ("I'm satisfied") and ghrelin ("Feed me!"). Well, researchers have identified why another appetite-regulating, gastro-hormone, uroguanylin, stops doing its job. Turns out it's not obesity but overeating (especially carbs and bad fats) that keeps the hormone from telling you it's time to stop taking in calories.

The good news: Uroguanylin production cranks back up when you stop overeating, even before you lose weight. So:

Eliminate processed carbs, bad fats and added sugars and syrups from your diet. Drink plenty of water. It helps control hunger. Stick with lean proteins from skinless poultry and fish.

Eat all the vegetables and salad (easy on the dressing) you want. Toss greens with walnuts, 1/4 avocado, carrots, celery, bell peppers and artichoke hearts (in water).

Start a walking routine (headed for 10,000 steps a day). And sleep 6.5-8 hours nightly; your gut hormones like that a lot.

The 'where, who, when'weight-loss trick

To win the weight-loss game, try focusing on "where," "with whom" and "when."

Where: Eating at home is associated with eating less fat and less added sugars and syrups. And undistracted mealtimes (no TV or digital devices) create more mindful eating, so you don't overeat.

With whom: Family dinnertimes can reduce the risk of obesity for adults and children. For lunch, eat with folks who are nutrition-minded; it makes smart choices easier.

When: Establish an eating schedule. Constant grazing leads to a bigger waist size.

What we've learned: Eat breakfast; have lunch around the same time daily. Consider trying a five-days-a-month reduced-calorie eating plan (get the info at doctoroz.com). Eat home-cooked meals and allow three hours between dinner and bedtime. An erratic eating schedule may mess up your body clock (circadian rhythm) and interfere with appetite control, metabolism of fat, and cholesterol and glucose levels - big risks for obesity and heart disease.

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