Strength Training – Safe or Irresponsible for Kids?

​Our environment is getting more and more fitness crazy. While only a few years ago kids were getting their daily dose of exercise by playing outside with their friends, more and more teenagers are now going to the gym to work out. Is it a good idea to let teenagers do weight lifting and strength training?

The Telegraph Herald has an interesting story about whether strength training is good for kids or not. You should check it out below and then leave a comment to voice your thoughts and opinions. We're looking forward to hearing from you on this specific topic!

Weightlifting and Strength Training for Teenagers

​The advice given is that strength training, specifically weight lifting, can be beneficial for teens. However, it shouldn't be the only form of exercise and by all means it shouldn't be the only way of staying in shape!

Teenagers should not do more than three strength training exercises per week. And these exercises should not be on consecutive days!

You can read the whole story at Share your thoughts below!

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